Sunday, October 30, 2011

Day 21 - And the beets go on

I still can't smell or taste.

But the good news is my teeth did not fall out and my face doesn't hurt!

The other good news is that I figured ouit what was making my lunch juices taste so ($hitty) earthy.

I wasn't peeling the skin off the beets and that was giving my juice a disgusting taste.

If my senses come back tomorrow I'll be able to test it to confirm.

Speaking of beets.... I've got a couple of things to say about the matter.

The juice is RED. It stains your hands. It stains your cutting board, it stains your counters. It will also (tmi warning) turn your peepee pink. Kinda creepy.

Slicing up the beets today made me really reminiscent of Provino's salad. They have those pickled beets in there. I really tried to use my magical powers to turn my juice beets into pickled beets without having to wait a month.

Didn't work.

Thinking of Provino's reminded me of a few really really good times I had there. There was this one time with a group of girls. *censored by Radmamma to maintain a sense of integrity and good decision skills* and it was one of the most fun restaurant experiences of my life.

The other time that I hold dear to my heart about Provino's is when I was pregnant with Arbuckle. I was close to my due date and was ready to bring on labor. My midwife said to try 'some' garlic.

The Man & I hit the Provino's. I probably pounded out 15 or so of those garlic rolls. I didn't even eat the dinner I ordered. If I hadn't been so pregnant, I would've been rolling around on the floor with those rolls because that's how much of a spectacle I was making of myself.

My water broke the next day.

When Arbuckle was born, that precious baby smelled like a little garlic roll himself!

And so today. Day 21. I guess that means 9 more days before I add a meal back in.

I'm really teetering here. I'm considering perhaps keeping it up for longer.

You know, just for kicks.

And because I'm sure I still have about 8 of those rolls on my hips.

If you can't eat 'em, juice 'em!

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