Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day 3 - Beet, Chard, Carrot, Apple

Last night was a good test for me.

I went to Starbucks.

Seriously, that is my favorite place.

I love their coffees, cookies, their birthday cake pops, and I usually spend 90% of my allowance there. Did you know that you can order just a chocolate milk with whipped cream? Well, you can. And it's one of the cheapest drinks.

There is more than one person who knows my voice at the drive thru. At 3 different Starbucks.

So there it is.

I was hooked on Starbucks.

I was hooked on the thrill of getting something delicious that I didn't have to prepare for myself.

And I can honestly say was because I'm not hooked anymore.

Last night was a test, and I freakin' aced it baby.

I punched Starbucks right in that beautiful mermaid lady's throat (but in a nice way, because I still love the smell of that place and I'm not going to remove Starbucks from my life forever).

From Starbucks, I ordered a Venti hot water.

And I bought a box of tea.

I read the ingredients. No sugar, nothing refined, just dried up flowers.

Hells yeah (dorky rockstar scrunched up face with the "I love you" hand sign waving)!

The best part of last night, though, had nothing to do with the delicious hot tea, or the fact that I was non-guiltily sipping from a paper cup with the little cardboard sleeve.

I got to spend some long uninterrupted hours with an old friend. And while the circumstances are crappy that brought her to me here in Georgia; I loved, adored, relished every single second of her presence.

There have been countless people that have come into my life that I've loved dearly, passionately- but for a season. They go their way, or I go mine. I look back with fondness, but I'm seriously okay with the distance and can love the friendship for what it was. I am content to leave some friendships in the past because I know it helped to shape my present.

But, there are a handful of others. The friends who I have loved fervently and steadily. Time has passed, we have parted ways but the kinship is ongoing. It is never "goodbye" with these friends. Years can pass and the reunion is still as simple and pure as the very first time when I realized that one was a lifer. You know who you are.

Saying hello to her after such partings always fills me with such joy that I'm a crying mess.

And I thought yesterday was going to be one of those days that I never looked back on again.

(cough, cough, bull$hit)

As for today, it's barely 10am and I've already conquered breakfast with the boys, had circle time, and did our Main Lesson with Arbuckle. They are having snack time right now and I know I'm going to pay for this stolen moment with my blog and my juice. I've already been told that "the brown stuff in the sink isn't doo-doo, just peanut butter so Mommy don't freak out".

We pick up milk today. Fresh from the farm .

And 9 years ago today I married The Man.

And today is my favorite Uncle's birthday.

I am going to be a good day.


  1. Fantastic! Keep it up! You know what occurred to me?
    Starbucks is a play on the wonderful story Star Money! Oh dear. YOU are the Star Money girl... Not the Starbucks pawn!!! Love ya!

  2. Happy belated anniversary, Sandy!