Friday, October 28, 2011

Day 19 - The good news is I'm an optimist!

I have always been told that I'm very optimistic.

And someone even said that I'm optimistic to a fault (cough, cough, The Man).

It is actually true.

The good news is I can't smell anything. This is awesome when you have a little one in diapers!

The OTHER good news is I can't taste anything! So, today's V8 went down as easily as well- it just went down easily *sly grin*

But seriously. I was so scared that I wouldn't be able to keep it down that I sort of bent my non-prepackaged rule. Tobasco only has 4 ingredients and all of them are very basic. No chemicals or weird words. So I thew some dashes in.

I'm so clogged up that it wasn't even spicy.

I couldn't even tell if I was drinking a melted milkshake or lava flavored slop.


I'm hoping I get my senses back tomorrow because I worked hard on breakfast juice. I think it's going to be a winner.

Oh yeah. And I'm down 16 pounds.

I exercised sick yesterday but I don't think I've got the strength today.

Tomorrow The Man is running a 1/2 marathon and I'm wishing him Godspeed and lots of yum yum juice!

Word to your Radmamma.

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  1. Yippee!!! Congrats and good luck to The Man! :-)