Monday, October 24, 2011

Day 15 - How I do what I do

Half way mark came and went without a hitch.

I did have to make another trip to Whole Foods because now I'm juicing for myself & The Man.

Lunch juice today was the rest of my Meen Green from yesterday.

I had some encouraging dialogues today. Honestly, everyone's warm wishes and kind words fill me with joy and determination.

So thank you all for that.

For those who are curious about how this has been working, I'll try to break it down here.

Though I feared I would feel like I was fighting a war, it has actually been more like walking outside barefoot. Stepping on the occasional sweetgum ball and rock; though for the most part nice and squishy!

I haven't really followed anyone's plan, rather just pieced together what I have understood about food combining and nutrition in general.

I always juice the night before so my juices are ready right off the bat.

I make a breakfast juice and a lunch juice.

Breakfast is always mostly (if not all) fruit. This gives a gentle wake up call to your digestive system and the fruit sugar gives you some inspirational energy to get moving.

I drink about 10-12 oz of morning juice and about 16oz of lunch juice.

I sip the juice about as slowly as I'd eat a meal. My favorite way is through a straw with a lid on my cup. I don't know why this helps, but it does.

Lunch is always 90-100% vegetable. My favorite so far has been my Meen Green, which is:
1/2 bunch of kale
3 ribs celery
2 cucumber
1 fennel bulb with stalks
1 apple
1 pear

I've omitted the pear without noticing, but the apple takes the edge off the licorice taste of the fennel.

I usually have lunch around 12-1.

For dinner, I make sure there is plenty of vegetables and proteins.

I like to do grilled chicken over a spinach salad with raw nuts and sometimes with a boiled egg (I boil a doz at a time and keep them in the fridge).

The dinner ratios I strive for are:
3 different proteins
2 raw vegetables
1 lightly cooked vegetable
1 tablespoon fat (either walnut oil for salad, coconut oil for sweet potato,or butter for cooking) If I need to break up the fat, I do a teaspoon for salad, a teaspoon for cooking, and a teaspoon for topping a cooked veg)

Because I'm exercising so much and I don't want to go into ketosis, AND I don't want to ever see any of the lost pounds again; I'm eating the protein meal. One could lose a lot more weight faster by doing another juice for dinner. But, your stomach will have to be gently started again. And I believe there will likely be some type of repercussions when you do finally have 3 regular (healthy) meals again.

As for exercise, it's easiest for me to do it in the afternoons. After school time with the boys, and before The Man gets home. Sometimes, the day gets crazy and I can't exercise until after The Man gets home- but I make sure to just do it. I will sacrifice a shower for exercise. And I've found a way to figure that the price for peace and quiet is a little sweat and fatigue. A fair price in my book!

Wishing everyone the best night filled with love from someone who loves you back,

Juices wild!

Ps: this post is from my geniusphone, and we all know geniuses can't spell for $hit. So, if my geniousphone has made any errors, kindly look the other way and know that I was the 5th grade spelling bee champ and I normally take spelling very seriously. Reely.

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  1. Love it! From my geniusphone (had to type that three times before it would let me keep it) while I nurse the youngster.