Tuesday, May 22, 2012

27 Weeks and The Terrible Juice

I finally feel at ease in my pregnant body.

I am no longer scared to get out of bed every morning because I am worried about bleeding to death.

My sweet baby kicks and hiccups all the time and that gives me so much peace that I welcome all the nudges and beatings.

It has become increasingly hard to choke down some of the juices.  Last night The Man and I made kale/carrot juice.  The beautiful thing about the kale is that it came from our garden.

There is nothing beautiful about the carrots.  Other than the organic carrots from Costco are dirt cheap.

Which makes me wonder, why are they so cheap? And big? Then, I need to stop wondering. Because, produce (organic produce especially) is really expensive.  I'm gong with the whole "ignorance is bliss" thing here.

But, the green of the kale and the orange of the carrots makes the juice look like The Terrible Color.  Luckily, I get a good glow-in-the-dark feeling from it.

Ya'll go on and have a great day.  I'll be here choking this juice down to keep me and baby healthy!