Monday, October 31, 2011

Day 22 - Oh, so that's what a Plethora of candy looks like

I'm slowly getting my senses back.

Every one in awhile, I'll catch a taste of juice or a wiff of the air.

But it's still not enough to actually discern what I'm eating and drinking.

I could absolutely tell a difference in the peeled beets. It was way less earthy tasting than previous days.

So progress, right?

As of this morning, I've lost 17 pounds.
And, I think coughing can be considered exercise if you do it for 30 minutes and keep that heart rate up.

I'm sure you wonder how I fared with the Halloween temptation.

I'll start by saying this was the boys most exciting Halloween ever. As we started out to do our trick-or-treating, our neighbors drove by pulling a hayride with their Mule (like a golf cart that took Monster Truck vitamins). They invited us to come along and it was. So. Much. Fun!

I loved watching the kids' faces as they looked around and into the woods; they looked up at the stars in amazement.

And the candy! Carl was dragging his bag (and I died a little inside because I'd just made it today!)!

We are so grateful to our awesome neighbors for inviting us along. The night was cold and crisp and the hay was really soft and squishy. Baby Jesus himself would've snuggled right in!

The boys were collecting candy for a little Goblin called the Candy Goblin. He has a horrible diet. He eats trash and never brushes his teeth. And on Halloween, he LOVES candy! He will eat as much as you're willing to share. If you want to invite him in, leave a piece of candy on the doorstep before you go to bed. Then, in the morning when you wake up you'll find a trail of smashed up candy wrappers that lead to some sort of prize; perhaps an organic treat or a little toy.

The boys were really excited to give their candy to the Goblin. They went to bed easily tonight in anticipation.

Now, about all that candy.

Did I have just one teeny tiny piece?

I mean, just one half of a fun size kit kat would be okay, right?


My body is no longer a trash can.

I'm only fat on the outside.

Happy Halloween!
Have a glass of Beetlejuice,

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