Saturday, October 22, 2011

Day 13 - I'm not alone

Last night The Man decided to (for the most part) join me in my (for the most part) juice fast.

This morning, we had watermelon, mint, lime juice.

I made strawberry muffins for the boys using almond flour and amaranth. Once they cooled they held their shape nicely.

We packed the rest of the muffins, some fruit and our lunch juice and headed out to a small fall festival held at one of the elementary schools nearby.

It was very strange to be in a school again. I remember being so scared and excited about school when I was in first grade. I also felt sort of sad being in a school again. Some of the most frightening things happened in my life when I was so young. I thought back to my own elementary school's fall festival 30 years ago. I remember just never quite fitting in properly. You know what? Nevermind. I decided I don't want to go there now.

The younger boys played at the petting zoo and Mr. Button rode a pony.

After that, we had a picnic lunch before going home.

The Man and I had V7 and it was pretty good while it was cold. But, I didn't drink it fast enough and it began to get warm.

I had to choke down the last 2oz.

My mantra has become, "I've done worse, I've done worse"

Bottoms up!

I'm so excited for breakfast tomorrow.

The Man and The Boys cracked a coconut for me. I ran it through my super fabulous juicer and saved the perfectly shredded coconut pulp for later.

We will have pineapple, coconut, and lime juice for breakfast.

I think I'm going to throw it in the blender with a frozen banana to make it go further since I have company now.

My energy is great. My attitude is (overall) great.

I'm not feeling as stupid and absent- minded as I was last week.

I got a haircut last night!! The Man was so generous and offered to watch the boys and pay for it!

Good man, good juice,


  1. Just wanted to say that I LOVE YOU ;-)

  2. Gosh Sandy, I admire you even more. I want all your information on how to do it.

    Much love