Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Days 33-36

I'm still going!

It's just kind of boring right now (no complaints). I nearly ran out of produce and had to drink breakfast juice twice in a day, but I'm making up for it now.

I'm going to have to muscle through lunch today. In fact, that's the name of my lunch juice combo (ljc):

Muscle Through It:
1 ton of tomatoes
1 load of carrots
1 pound of spinach

That's it. juice it and drink it. I dare not say "enjoy it" because I'm sure you won't!

Here's the most asked question I've gotten when I tell people I'm going to keep juicing and sticking to my vow of no white flour, sugar, or prepackaged foods:

But what about Thanksgiving? And Christmas?

I am lucky this year since normally we have 2 Thanksgivings in a day. But, this year we'll go to my mother-in-law's on Thanksgiving and then to my Sister's on Sunday after Thanksgiving.

Easy for me to continue with my 1 meal a day. I usually bring the desserts so I will work it out to make sure my pies and such are friendly to my cause.

Christmas will be the same. I always host Christmas Eve (my favorite day of the year), and then we will spend Christmas Day with The Man's side of the family.

The last few days have been full of life for me.

We went to the Waldorf School of Atlanta's Holiday Fair. We saw a beautiful puppet show and the boys made jump ropes, beeswax candles, and had a lot of fun play time on the playground.

Then, I spent an extra long night out with my Sisters. I saw my niece's in a play production of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol. Then, The Sisters and I went to see our dear friend play and sing at a sports bar.

We rounded out the weekend with our home school group on a Lantern Walk to celebrate Martinmas. I loved spending the weekend close to my boys, and my sisters, and my friends.

I have also upped my exercise to include The Biggest Loser dvd. I had no idea how intense the workouts could be!

I am proud to report that for the first time since I got boobs, I JUMPED. Jumping jacks, jump rope, those things where you are standing up then you walk your hands into push up position and then walk your hands back up to standing position, then JUMP.

So, yeah. Jumping.

Also, my super duper Enell sports bra is now too big! I'm going to have to sell a pint of blood to buy another one because they are kind of pricey. But absolutely worth every penny. It hasn't hurt to work out at all in my Enell bra.

But, since it's getting too big for me; the jumping was a bit too wiggly for me....

Now to change gears and start our school day. Today is all about the number 2.

Did you know that there is a singer named Juice Newton?

Well there is.
And I love her.


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  1. I love my Enell sports bra! I've had them for years and I'm due for a new one as well... Sophie is almost 3 and has about weaned, so the breastfeeding boobies have shrunk :) Keep on keeping on, and keep on smilin'!