Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day 24 - The Mall

I had to go to the mall today for The Man.

Besides seeing Christmas being bastardized all over the place, it was somewhat amusing walking through. I kept thinking, "One day I will be able to walk in here and buy something from the Regular People's Section."

Not that I wouls though. I'm too cheap. I am looking forward to having myself a long afternoon at the Goodwill buying up new little lovlies for myself. Nothing too trampy. Just some nice ass jeans and such.

Today's breakfast and lunch was a repeat of yesterday.

It's possible that one day I'm going to hate being in the same room as fennel. It got warm and the licorice taste was almost unbearable.

But, I muscled through it.

I am grateful to be smelling and tasting again, so I'll try not to complain so much.

In the car today, I didn't have my usually seatbelt battle. It just sat across my body without riding up and choking me.

So that's progress.

I'm also noticing that a lot of random aches are gone. I'm getting more agile in my knees, I don't mind bending over to pick up stuff, and I do have a lot more energy.

Besides the occasional cup of misfire juice, this is absolutely fun and very exciting.

With Liberty and Juices for All,

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